Club Dog is a fun place for social dogs. Good exercise, organized, disciplined play time and lots of tender care.
Maureen has studied various training methods, all using positive techniques. She is a graduate of Camosun College's "Introduction to Veterinarian Assistant" program as well she has studied human kinetics and physiology and participated in seminars on Telington Touch, Holistic Veterinarian Techniques & Homeopathic Approach To Veterinarian Medicine.

1. The dog's master has no surprises when they get home i.e. no destruction has been done by the dog.

2. No strangers coming into your home to walk your dog.

3. When the dog owner has had a hard day and doesn't feel like walking the dog they don't have to, as the dog has been well exercised while at Club Dog.

- gives responsible dog owners an alternative to leaving their dogs at home.

- provides a safe, clean, nurturing environment for the dogs while their masters work, run errands or play.

- supervised exercise, interactive play with other dogs.

- long healthy walks followed by pampered grooming.

- Copy recent vaccine certificates for:
1. Distemper
2. Hepatitis
3. Leptospirosis
4. Parainfluenza
5. Parvovirus
6. Rabies

- Must be four months of age

- Male dogs over the age of six months must be neutered

- Females in heat must stay home

Dr. Adrian M. Russell from Grace Veterinary Hospital is the on call vet for Club Dog and can be contacted at 778-433-9373.

If any situation were to arise the dog's master would be contacted first, failing contact, the dog's registered veterinarian would be called.

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